30+ Real-Life Couples who found Love on Instagram

Find Love on Instagram

"And then there are those who use Instagram as a supplemental match-making tool," writes the New York Times.

Indeed, here are Real-Life Couples who met via the Instagram app, then went on to get married and have children. Some met in the same city, some lived on different continents. They all shared a common desire for a serious, long-term romantic relationship, just like me and you.

These are 100% REAL Love Stories (photos included) to inspire your Soulmate Journey and give you motivation and inspiration to meet your own attractive, intelligent, ambitious life partner and soulmate.

Study them, peruse them, and enjoy the same success in your personal life (perhaps via Instagram ;).

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My name is Malaika Neri. I’m a Professional Love Coach and Matchmaker serving ambitious international professionals. I work exclusively with smart, driven individuals who value their careers and are ready to find a serious, long-term relationship.

I studied human behaviour and psychology at New York University (NYU) in the USA, and now work full-time as a Professional Matchmaker and coach, serving educated professionals across the globe.

My clients are project managers, software engineers, and consultants. They’re smart, serious, and logical. They prefer honest, open communication and open conversation, and we’re here to facilitate you meeting someone who wants the same.

I used Love Stories just like these as inspiration and motivation to attract my own wonderful soulmate relationship - someone who loves and cherishes me exactly as I am. Now, I'm sharing them with you, so you, too, can manifest a man who loves you for who you are and celebrates you as his partner and Soulmate.

Testimonial - Malaika Neri
Malaika Neri - Professional Matchmaker