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Why Other Men Have Booked This Call With Us:




Chris P. , Paris, France

"I kind of thought, well I'm older now, the women I meet will be more mature, experienced in life, less shallow, they all say they want to meet a kind, considerate, sensitive, intelligent man. I think I'm at least all of those things even if I hate myself, that's what others tell me I am, so let's give it a chance?"

Marijn S., Düsseldorf, Germany

"Overall, it was very helpful. You've given me more perspective from the eyes of a woman. There are certain things I don't really think about, like what women want to know about me, or how to put myself into a dating profile, in a way that's effective. I talk to my female friends, but they give contradictory advice. You have more of a foundation to guide, and what we should do in order to meet women. With these insights I can definitely make progress. Maybe you can help me even more."

Tilek A. , Kyrgyzstan

"Great explanation, I liked the theories that you have explained very deeply with an examples. I want to learn more about and understand women's psychology and ways of thinking."

Daniel E., Frankfurt, Germany

"I like your advice of being more relaxed and just building trust."