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NOTE: This is a Consultation Call to find out if you're a good fit for my premium program. This is NOT a coaching session.

If you're looking to invest in smaller programmes, please email and I'll be happy to guide you on the best decisions for you via email.

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That's right. All of our matches have University Degrees (BA or higher) from an accredited university.



Using the criteria most important to you and your family, we bring you profiles who are serious about a long-term relationship.



Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied, and we won't stop looking until you find a perfect match.


What will we discuss in our call?

We will have a 30-min call to discuss your or your loved one's current dating/relationship goals and how to approach them. We will discuss your timeline to marriage/commitment, and the requirements you have for a potential life partner. We will draw up a plan for you to meet stable people with this specific profile, and propose a plan for achieving it. There will be no pitching, no selling, and no persuasion.

How can you help me?

For us, marriage is not for one or two years. It's a lifetime commitment. Plus, it's a huge emotional and financial risk. You're not going to take such a huge risk for the sake of settling down. We introduce you to individuals who want to have a stable, exclusive, committed relationship, sharing a life, encouraging and supporting each other. We identify, contact, and verify and introduce you to people who are already in a stable situation, someone who can be your partner-in-crime and BEST friend. We work with a variety of backgrounds and cater profiles to your preferences, including religion, location, and diet.

Why are you charging for the call?

Signing up for the call has a charge of €1 . This increases accountability; I'm serious about helping you, and you are serious about taking charge of your personal life anf finding a life partner. The charge is processed using Stripe software, the world leader in online credit card processing, and is secure.

What about Co-VID? Is this allowed?

As the sanitary situation continues to evolve, we aim to respect all social distancing rules. First meetings will be via Zoom, unless both parties agree otherwise.

When will I start meeting people?

Once you complete registration in our Matchmaking Programme, we will get to work on immediately identifying and putting on paper your requirements, expectations, and criteria for a long-term life partner. You will receive a hand-picked selection of profiles that correspond to your criteria via email, and may select a mutually-convenient time and date to meet potential matches, in a secure online environment.

How do I know this will work?

You want to find someone with whom you could share your time, who would be open-minded about traveling and following each other (who could either come with you to another country or who would feel comfortable if you follow him to some country. Someone with a calm personality who can balance yours. Someone who is open to hanging out with friends, or meeting new people together. Sharing some of your passions, although having each our own interests is definitely also good. But definitely the most important would be to find someone who is keen to learn from you, and from whom you could learn things as well.

I help you define your requirements, expectations, and criteria. I share specific feedback on how to make the date a success - and how to convert your dates into a stable relationship. I expect you to be punctual, presentable, and prepared for dates with a positive mental attitude. I use our 10+ years of expertise in meeting the right people to help you find your life partner.

I'm LGBTQ+. Can you help me?

Love does not discriminate between sexual orientations, and neither do we. While the majority of our clients are heterosexual, we are happy to explore working with LGBTQ+ individuals on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to bring together two people interested in a healthy, happy, serious long-term relationship and marriage, based on love, respect, and shared values. You may book an Introductory Matchmaking Call to discuss your background and criteria with us. We are happy to do our best to help you find your life partner.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes. After you book a call, you'll receive confirmation via email. At the bottom of this email, you have the option to reschedule or cancel your appointment to any of the available time slots.

What if there are no more slots available?

New slots will open up next month. You can sign up for a slot then.