Meet Your Life Partner in 6 Months or Less. 

The Perfect Match Program is my signature step-by-step system that shows you exactly how to start a serious, exclusive relationship with your Ideal Partner no matter where live — even if you've never dated before and don't know where to start.

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Rahul J

Met his wife within 6 months!

"You don't expect yourself to click that much with somebody, and it goes beyond a level you ever imagined, and you're like, okay, I can't let this chance go. Even if it's a failure, I don't care, I still want to give it a chance now. 

"It feels like we know each other for such a long time, because there's so much of familiarity. I just realised, I cannot let this go. We had to get married to be together."  - Rahul, Software Developer.

Here's What You Get When You Join Today: 

*limited time offer - prices going up soon!

Unlock the Perfect Match System Today

Lifetime Access to the entire program for less than €6/day

Lifetime Access to Perfect Match

My Complete System For Finding Your Perfect Match.

Scripts, templates, framework. Everything you need to start a serious relationship with the right person -- a proven process that has worked in 17 countries & counting. (Value: 2997)

You get full support through this program.

Incredible Daily Personal Support (with questions answered within 24 hours)

Get any and all questions answered within 24 hours. Lots of our students also use this daily feedback mechanism to keep them accountable to meeting their dating goals. (Value: 2997)

Monthly Live Zoom Q&A with Malaika

This is your opportunity to have Malaika herself answer your questions about an abundance mindset, growing a relationship, increasing emotional connection, becoming exclusive, creating autopilot dates and so much more. (Value: 4997)

BONUS: First Opportunity to be Matched by Malaika

This is your opportunity to be matched by Professional Matchmaker Malaika herself with someone from my private database of educated, ambitious professionals. 

(Value: 4997)

BONUS: Exclusive Access to Dates from my Private Database

Many Perfect Match students end up matching with someone from my exclusive, private database. By joining this program, you greatly increase the number of potential matches (and potential partners) you have. (Value €597)

BONUS: Invited to Get Exposure to My Entire Email List of 2,000+

Each month, we feature a different Perfect Match student. We can send you a lot of dates that way -- it’s an incredible & easy way for you to get quite a bit of exposure. (Value: 597)

BONUS: Regular, Exclusive Emails from Malaika Herself.

When you join this program, you get added to a special Perfect Match newsletter where I share insider information on the latest trends & best practices that are working right now. This content is only released to Perfect Match students & my students typically land 2-3 meetings just from this. (Value: 997)

Total Value: 18,770

Regular Price: 4,997

Today's Price: € 1997 one-time payment

(Lifetime Access + All Future Upgrades)

It's actually really simple and really easy to attract your ideal partner... if you're following a custom gameplan.

What attracts dream partners

  • Positioning yourself so your dream partners message YOU
  • Meeting 1-2 serious options per month
  • Consistently using ONE method to meet dream partners
  • Sharing a few images that represent your lifestyle on 1 or 2 platforms (focus)
  • Following a very simple roadmap

What pushes matches away:

Sending loads of match requests

Mismatched values

Trying to speak to everyone with an unclear message

Using 3-5 different apps at the same time for a 10 min each day

Trying a bunch of different tactics without a real strategy

Total Value: 18,770

Regular Price: 4,997

Today's Price: Lifetime Access for a € 1997 one-time payment

Sadly, most ambitious professionals are doing everything wrong... and that's why you can't seem to meet the right people.

Before I got serious about WHAT I need in a partner, I would go on dates with random guys... then wonder why they would ghost me.

I hated every single time I got rejected. I was determined to find something that lasted, even if it was just a few months.

Over time, 8 weeks became 6 months. 6 months became 1 year. And 1 year became a long-term, serious relationship living together, sharing a life.

10 years later, I live in a beautiful apartment with my long-term partner, we travel abroad 3 times per year, and have hosted BOTH sets of parents together.

Together, we've attended 3 weddings, 10 birthday parties, 1 engagement ceremony, and hosted 1 our own slam-dunk housewarming :)

Starting a Serious Relationship in 2022

In the Perfect Match Program, I teach you how to get your Ideal Partner literally EXCITED to date you.

Our students love this approach tailored for working professionals:

Testimonial - AdvancedRelationshipSkills.com
Matchmaking Testimonial

This step-by-step program has helped smart, sophisticated women start a serious, long-term relationship with their Ideal Partner.

Malaika Neri - professional Indian Matchmaker

Who is the Perfect Match Program for?

The Perfect Match program works if you work it — there’s no magic button. 

You will have to roll up your sleeves and IMPLEMENT what I teach. 

But the good news is, for the first time ever, you’ll be able to see real results (a.k.a SERIOUS OPTIONS) from the work you do. 

You will see the best results if you're a working professional or entrepreneur (We have had students and retirees/home-makers join us and see great results but you will have to adapt some of the material to make it work for you.)

The Perfect Match Program works best for working professionals and entrepreneurs.

Here's a list of some of the categories our students fall into. See if you can find what you do on this list: 

  • Data Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Research Fellow
  • Data Scientist
  • Automation Engineer
  • Senior Designer
  • Lecturer
  • Researcher
  • Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • QA Lead
  • Project Manager
  • RPA Consultant
  • Technology Lead
  • Business Consultant
  • Customer Success Executive
  • Post Doctoral Researcher
  • Events Coordinator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Structural Engineer
  • Client Relations Director
  • Assistant Manager
  • Research Scholar
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Product Manager
  • Prosthodontist
  • Nurse
  • Fund Accounting Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Credit Data Analytics
  • Test Lead
  • IT Security Risk Manager
  • Digital Transformation Manager
  • Owner/Founder
  • Vice President
  • Finance Officer
  • Loan Officer
  • Competence Engineer
  • Technology Lead
  • HR Manager
  • IT and Logistics Engineer
  • Anaesthesiologist
  • Strategy Consultant
  • Security Duty Officer
  • Psychologist
  • Doctoral Researcher
  • Graduate Trainee
  • HR Recruiter Coordinator
  • Senior Analyst
  • Project Researcher
  • Audit Senior Manager
  • HR & Operations Analyst
  • Senior Software Automation Engineer
  • Network Engineer

Total Value: 18,770

Regular Price: 4,997

Today's Price: € 1997 one-time payment

(Lifetime Access + All Future Upgrades)

This is the program for you if you want to create real emotional connection, stability, peace, and security for you & your family!

A Note on the Support you receive in this Program...

(please read carefully)

You get full support through this program.

I really want to make sure you understand just how much you’ll be supported when you join this program. The support in Perfect Match is second to none and it's one of the main reasons our students have such incredible results.

Literally, after the click of a button, you’re on the other side and all of a sudden, you have access to an entire team of amazing coaches, who’s full-time job is literally to help make sure you start a serious relationship with the right person.


You will be able to get your questions answered, every single day, if you want to. 

The Perfect Match Program is NOT just a course with some videos login portal. It’s a robust hub with an eager support network that’s just waiting for the opportunity make sure you’re taken care of. 

 You’ll know exactly what to do -- and you’ll finally have the support to help you make sure it gets done!

When you join the Perfect Match program today, you will be able to get all your questions answered every single day.

This is the program you've been looking for: everything you need to start a serious relationship THIS YEAR.

Another amazing result from a happy student:

Testimonial Matchmaking
Let me match you in 2022

Your Soulmate is Waiting to Meet You.

I wake up every day on fire to help more ambitious women find Soulmate-Level Love.

I am on a mission to teach smart, sophisticated women just like you exactly what you need to know to meet the right person and start a serious relationship.

I am here to tell you that the dream life you're envisioning is possible.

Let's make it happen.

6 Myths About Meeting The Right Person:

MYTH #1:

I have to be active on social media to get dates.

FALSE! I post to my social media profiles maybe 4x a month. In the Perfect Match Program, I teach you how to build systems to ATTRACT your partner.

MYTH #2:

I have to be pushy or sleazy or scammy in order to meet the right person.

FALSE. No one likes a pushy partner. In Perfect Match, I teach you how to get your matches literally EXCITED to date you. A true win-win.

MYTH #3:

I have to have a lot of dating experience in order to recognise the right one.

FALSE. Most of my students don't have much experience dating. In Perfect Match, we focus on authentic conversations with your serious options, so you can fast-forward to conversations about what you want and easily understand if you're a long-term match.

MYTH #4:

I have to be an extrovert in order to talk to someone new.

FALSE: My most successful students have 2-3 close friends and that's it! Most of them are introverts :) In fact, one of my students, Katy, started a serious relationship while living in a countryside town of 2000 people.

MYTH #5:

I have to "put myself out there" in order to meet more people.

FALSE. Most working professionals can't afford to waste time on meeting thousands of people. In Perfect Match, you learn how to meet the right profile doing activities you ALREADY love and enjoy, so you can attract a partner who matches your lifestyle, values, and shares the same level of thoughts.

MYTH #6:

I've tried many dating/matrimonial apps and they didn't work. I guess that means I can't meet someone.

FALSE. Most apps have a 0.00014% success rate and thrive off you staying single. In the Perfect Match Program, I show you how to create a custom gameplan to start a serious relationship without using dating apps.

Celebrating 2 more success stories from our happy students:

Testimonial Matchmaking

Our students are able to gain greater confidence + clarity, delete dating apps, and start a serious relationship with someone who loves to travel.

Topics We will Teach You So You Can Meet the Right Person:

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your personal life, and my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically...so we'll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

1. How to unlock the secret to becoming your Ideal Partner's top choice.

2. How to hit your dating goals consistently

3. How to know what your “match-generating activities” are

4. How to get your dream matches messaging you, “I'm in love with you, can we be together?”

5. How to think like you're married (& why that matters)

6. How to get 2 dates per month on your calendar for free

7. How I built a strong foundation for a long-term relationship with one conversation

8. How I started a serious relationship without using apps!

9. How to facelift your offer so your ideal matches can’t resist it.

10. How to build your Ideal Partner Profile.

11. How to set up dates without having to “put yourself out there".

12. How to unlock your custom match-generating activities

13. How to wake up & know exactly what to do to grow your relationship.


14. How to create your (simple) custom gameplan to start a serious relationship.

15. How to access your “match-generating calculator”

16. How to hone your message so your ideal partners listen

17. How to get dates on demand

18. How to actually be extremely consistent (for the first time ever)

19. How to boost emotional connection on your first date.

20. How to set up systems for long-term dating.

21. How to become confident in your introductions.

22. How to get your soulmate matches lining up to date you.

23. How happily-married professionals attract so much love.

24. How to put it all together to create deep emotional intimacy.

25. And so much more!

Total Value: 18,770

Regular Price: 4,997

Today's Price: € 1997 one-time payment

(Lifetime Access + All Future Upgrades)

My team and I are on the other side, waiting to help you put serious options on your calendar.

Unlock the Perfect Match System Today

The Perfect Match Program


  • My complete system for find your Perfect Match (2997 Value)
  • Private VIP access to the community of Perfect Match members (997 Value)
  • Daily personal support via email (Q's answered within 24 hours) (2997 Value)
  • Monthly live zoom Q&A with Malaika (4997 Value)
  • BONUS: First opportunity to be matched by Malaika (997 Value)
  • BONUS: Exclusive access to my private database of 5000+ professionals (597 Value)
  • BONUS: Exposure to my entire email list of 2,000+ (597 Value)
  • BONUS: Regular, exclusive emails from Malaika (997 Value)

Total Value: 18,770

Regular Price: 4,997

Today's Price: € 1997 one-time payment

(Lifetime Access + All Future Upgrades)

How to Afford This Program:

These are just ideas...use them only if they’re helpful! This Founding Member's Launch is the best time to join as prices will increase next time I open this program. If you have credit card debt, focus on paying that off first. If now is not the right time, I’d love to see you join us later.

  • Go through and cancel unused subscriptions (est saving: €100/month) 
  • Make coffee at home (est saving: €50/month)
  • Eat in 2 nights/month (est saving: €60/month)
  • Sell a few things on FB marketplace (est earning: €50/month)


Join The Perfect Match Program for less than €6/day & meet just 1 serious option!

(It pays for itself)

Unlock the Perfect Match System now

We focus exclusively on building relationships that last.

Testimonial EP

The Perfect Match Program vs. Other Dating/Matrimonial programmes

The Perfect Match Program

  • Custom Gameplan
  • Consistent, proven results
  • We show you exactly what to do
  • Daily, personal support
  • Regular live Q&As with Malaika herself
  • Unlimited Matches until you meet The One
  • Lifetime Access to the Program Materials
  • € 1997 one-time payment

Other Dating/Matrimonial Apps

Copy-paste approach

No results

You’re stuck to figure it out alone

No support

No live Q&A with a Professional Matchmaker

No professionalism

Too many fake profiles

€199 - €500 monthly

Total Value: $18,770

Regular Price: $4,997

Today's Price: Lifetime Access for a € 1997 one-time payment

Our students see such great results because of our laser-focus on long-term relationships we teach:

Laser focus on Serious Relationships Example

I'm inviting you to take a leap of faith & come see for yourself why the Perfect Match Program is the best system to help you meet your soulmate.

Malaika Neri - Professional Matchmaker - 1

Meet Your Matchmaker,

Malaika Neri!

I went from getting ghosted + rejected to a happy, serious relationship with my partner in 1 year.

I spent 10+ years focusing on my studies and building my career. I lived alone and never went on dates, because I didn't know how to meet the right people...

I only managed to date guys who were looking for something casual. Or it never lasted longer than 2-3 months... But I didn't quit...

Once I got serious about meeting someone long-term, I fully committed to my love life. But it was hard to keep a relationship because I was constantly moving or changing jobs. Still, I was meeting kind, serious men, and took it as a sign that the right one was on the way...

I started getting really good at meeting high-quality options. And people wanted to know how I was doing it.

Eventually, I built a short but solid list of men I could marry. These 2-3 options were ambitious, well-educated professionals who wanted a life of family, career, and travel, just like I did. I started a serious relationship with the most handsome one ;) but always had a back-up plan. Soon, others wanted to know how I did it...

Today, I spend all my time helping ambitious professionals like you meet the right partner. I help them go on dates with serious options and start a long-term relationship.

I live in a beautiful apartment with my sexy partner. We work hard, and go for long bike rides in the countryside (so cliché) lol. I’m currently learning how to surf and I usually relax by reading or watching Bridgerton.


It's Time to Finally Prioritise Building your Custom System for Finding Your Perfect Match.

Join Perfect Match Today

Notice! The €997 price point is a limited-time payment option!

Usually, the Perfect Match Program is over 2500.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get world-class guidance at a Founding Member's price point.

This payment option is only available to you as part of this Founder's Launch, and is only available until 11:59 pm on Friday night. Next time around, the price will increase by at least 50%. So if you decide that you are ready for your personal life to hit that next level, sign up now!

Come join us today and soon enough we'll be sharing your screenshots as our next success story: 

Match to Marriage Testimonial
Match to Marriage Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions:

We wanted to make sure you felt extra excited as your join our community today, so we took the time to answer your most frequently asked questions. 

How long do I have access to the program?

You have unlimited, lifetime access to the program! When you join today, you also get lifetime access to all future updates to this program, making it an unbeatable chance to access upgrades and new material.

How do the Q&A coaching calls work?

Super simple! We have weekly coaching calls for the first month of the program, and monthly live Q&A calls with Malaika once a month on Zoom. Any time you have a question, just pop on one of the Zoom calls and get it answered !

What kind of daily support do I get?

You have unlimited daily support via email M-F 12-8pm CET and live on Zoom each month via monthly live Q&A Zoom calls. If you're unable to make a call live, you can always watch the replay.

Do I get direct access to Malaika?

Yes!! Malaika is available via email answering questions and leaving feedback. You also are able to get direct access to her via the monthly live Q&A Zoom calls. (Note: if you’re looking for 1:1 matchmaking with Malaika, prices start at 10k with a 12-month commitment.) 

What makes this different from dating/matrimonial apps?

Quite simply, no dating/matrimonial app provides the results and success stories that our program does. This program empowers you to find your life partner no matter your circumstances/age/stage in life. We have success stories from around the world.

Will the program work for me?

The Perfect Match systems works if you work it — there is no magic button. You will have to roll up your sleeves and IMPLEMENT what I teach. But the good news is, for the first time ever, you’ll be able to see real results (a.k.a DATES) from the work you do. You will see the best results if you're a working professional or entrepreneur (We have had students and retirees/homemakers join us and see great results but you will have to adapt some of the material to make it work for you).

Are there any refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this program, we are unable to offer refunds. You have lifetime access to the materials and can jump in whenever you want.

What if the program doesn't work for me?

Sometimes, it can seem like a program “isn’t working”. So what happens? Most people get frustrated and they quit... right before it’s about to get good. Did you know that most relationships start 6-8 weeks after the first date? Most people don’t know that and so give up after a single meeting. Some of our best student results are from students where it didn’t work right away but they persevered and they stuck with the program and started a serious relationship soon after. Go through the programme, share all your questions with Malaika, come to the monthly coaching calls, be willing to tweak and make changes, and soon enough, you will be starting a serious relationship, too!

How much time per week will I have to give to this?

We recommend focusing on this for 2-3 hours per week.

Why should I sign up today?

The sooner you learn how to find the right person for you, the more time you save on the wrong people, the more money you save on bad dates that go nowhere, and the more you fill your life with love, passion, and excitement through spending time with someone who adores you inside and out. Your time is too precious. The time to focus on this is now.

What if I can't afford it?

I hear you, when I hired my first relationship coach, I was only 24 years old and would end each month with less than $100 in my bank account. I actually AirBnBed my couch to earn more money, even though I lived in a studio! If you are committed to joining this program, I strongly encourage you to look around and see where you can find the money to make this happen. This is the most affordable time to join this program as prices will go up next time the course opens. Remember, there’s no obligation to join at all. If now is not the right time, I’d love to see you join us later.

I've already spent so much on dating, should I do this?

Are you meeting serious options consistently? If you aren't dating serious options consistently, you should join this program.

More questions?

Let's discuss if Perfect Match is right for you. Assuming the investment of 1997 € makes sense for you, book a call on my calendar to discuss the Perfect Match program.

Join today and unlock my entire system to Find Your Perfect Match

The Perfect Match system is my signature step-by-step program that shows you exactly how and where to find the right person for you no matter where you live, even if you've never dated before and don't know where to start !

Unlock the Complete Perfect Match System

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