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You’re Ready to Settle Down

Are you a successful professional, who’s ready to settle down? You’ve finished your studies, you’re now working, you’re stable. You’re ready for the next step – to share your life with someone.

Maybe you’ve met people, or even dated in the past, but it just hasn’t worked out. In the meanwhile, time is passing.

Now you’re more mature, but you’re occupied by your work. It used to be easy to meet people through school, sports, internships. Now you go to work, come home, rest, have dinner, then the day is over. Where do you find the time to go out with someone? And where do you meet them?

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Stop Searching, Start Finding Suitable Options

Here on my website, you’ll find the tools and resources you need identify the specific profile and characteristics you want and deserve in a life partner, and  map out an action plan to help you find the right person for your life partner. You’re going to start feeling clear, confident, and excited about what’s possible for you, even if you or your parents have been looking for months, or years, and you don’t know where to find what you’re looking for.

Meet Someone with the Same Level of Thoughts

For us, marriage is not for one or two years. It’s a lifetime commitment. Plus, it’s a huge emotional and financial risk. Why take chances?

It’s easier to settle with someone who’s already here. Someone who doesn’t have unrealistic expectations, who is willing to work together, to go to the next level of life with you. When both sides put in effort, everything will be on track.

Malaika Neri - Professional Indian Matchmaker in the EU
Malaika Neri – Professional Indian Matchmaker in the EU

A Professional Indian Matchmaker serving the EU

My name is Malaika Neri. I’m a Professional Indian Matchmaker serving clients resident in the Schengen Zone. I work exclusively with ambitious, educated professionals who value their careers and are ready to find a serious, long-term relationship.

I studied human behaviour and psychology at New York University (NYU) in the USA, and now work full-time as a professional matchmaker and coach, serving educated professionals in the EU. My clients are project managers, software engineers, and consultants. They’re smart, serious, and logical. They prefer straightforward communication and open conversation, and we’re here to facilitate you meeting someone who wants the same.

I share more detail on the profiles in my network exclusively via email.

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You can also read the articles on my blog, where I share detailed advice on how you can meet the right kinds of people.

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you!