About Malaika

Love Coach based in Paris.

Hi there!
My name is Malaika.
I’m an International Dating and Relationships Expert based in Paris, working with high-achieving women around the world.
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International Dating and Relationships Expert

I’m currently based in France, and work with high-achieving women around the world to help you meet the right person for a long-term relationship, through my group coaching program and online courses. I love dogs and hiking and yoga and chocolate chip cookies 🙂


Respect comes first.

As my father always said:
“Pick someone who treats you with respect.”
It applies to both men and women, and is the foundation behind all of our work.

Based on the principles of Human Psychology.

My work as a coach is based on the principles of human behaviour and psychology, which I studied at New York University in New York City.
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Marriage should be FUN.

I grew up in Bombay, moved to the USA for my studies, worked in 8 countries, and now live in Paris, France. Have been obsessed with love from a young age (pakka romantic fool), and was never satisfied with “good enough”. I wanted love to be fun, interesting, and dynamic, and insist that my clients never settle for less than they want and deserve.
After all, you’re going to spend your life with someone. You might as well enjoy it !
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Passionate about travel.

Recently, I finished a 24,000km bike ride form Alaska to Argentina, which catalysed my mission to help people find a lasting connection, as every single person I met wanted to “find someone”, even more than they wanted to travel the world.

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