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An Expert in Human Behaviour and Psychology.

Hi there!

My name is Malaika.

I help smart women find love.

Malaika Neri Professional Matchmaker -

Helping Smart Women Find Love.

I help smart, ambitious women who are doing well in their careers bring the right man into your life, for a long-term serious relationship leading to marriage and family.

Born and raised in India, educated in the U.S., in love with the world.

1 month old Malaika – with my mum and dad in the south of India
Growing up in India -
Growing up in India

I was born in a small town in south India, and raised in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay. Back then, India was a different country, and talking about ‘love’ was reserved for Bollywood.

But I still believed in love with all my heart, even though I was living in a conservative society that spoke only about “working hard” and “securing your future”.

My beliefs in a true connection between two people were reserved for my private notebooks.



I  used to write poems about meeting my soulmate, and while growing up, I harboured this secret dream inside me.

If it was possible in novels, surely it could be possible in real life?

Studying Human Behaviour and Psychology

As a teenager, I moved to the U.S. and studied human behaviour and psychology at New York University. Though my days were filled with brilliant professors and cutting-edge research, I felt lost in an ocean of pimply adolescents who talked about “hitting bases” and “tapping that”. What the what?!

Malaika at NYU -
Graduating from NYU – Photo with my parents

Building a Global Career

After university, I worked as an economist for NGOs in Latin America, where many girls have their first child at age 11. Mind boggled.

I worked for companies in Ecuador and Haiti, and travelled to Colombia and Bolivia. Throughout it all, I was meeting other ambitious professionals just like me and you who also loved to travel, but didn’t seem to want anything serious alongside their careers. It all left me wondering what “love” actually meant. A bad breakup motivated me to apply for a job in Europe, and I moved to Germany.

Malaika Neri Professional Matchmaker -

Moving to Europe

A bad breakup motivated me to apply for a job in Europe, and I moved to Germany. During my studies, I’d been selected by the Swiss Government to spend a summer conducting research at the University of Neuchatel, and my work was published in an economics journal in the US. It had also given me a first experience of life in Europe, and I was ready for more.

Once I arrived in Germany, my career was going really well – I had a job I loved and interesting colleagues. But my emotions were still at rock bottom, and I had a hard time trusting new people.

Though my personal life wasn’t advancing, my career kept growing. I moved from working at an international NGO to a position with the United Nations, managing a multi-million dollar project with colleagues spread across 7 countries. I loved working in such an international environment for sustainable development and a more just, fair world for all.

But living in Germany was really lonely. Most Germans had 1-2 friends, at the most. And other expats were busy with their own lives and careers. I wanted to be able to share my life with someone who truly understood me… but whom?!

Malaika Neri Professional Matchmaker -

A Successful Start-Up

During that time, I received many questions from friends and relatives on how to get a job at the UN. At first, I started helping a friend with her resumé, then another, then another… This grew into

Educated professionals from 164 countries found me via my blog, and reached out to me for help with building a life they loved after investing time, money, and energy in studying abroad. They wanted an international career, and they loved being in a new culture and a new country.

I helped them get well-paid, highly-prestigious jobs at the United Nations, UNHCR, the Clinton Foundation, and various other NGOs.

After a presentation at UCSD in San Diego, California
After a presentation at UCSD in San Diego, California


I was invited to lecture at Monash University in Australia, and at the University of California in San Diego – Public School of Policy. My free guides were downloaded by over 15,000 people, and 200+ students joined my paid programmes on finding work that is satisfying, fulfilling, and well-paid.

My articles were featured in publications including Idealist Careers, Human Rights Careers, ProFellow and WhyDev.

I loved working with ambitious, educated young professionals, and felt honoured by their trust and the chance to support them in growing their careers and professional development.

However, once they found stability and security through those jobs, something was still missing. This something was a great relationship. Plus, I love love (see above). My clients were doing well in the careers, and now they were ready to settle down with someone serious.

Camping in the desert of Mexico - Advanced Relationship Skills
This photo was taken in the desert of Baja California, in the north of Mexico, on my 24,000km trip from Alaska to Argentina.

Passionate about travel.

Right before the pandemic, I finished a 24,000km bike ride form Alaska to Argentina, which catalysed my mission to help people find a lasting connection, as every single person I met wanted to “find someone”, even more than they wanted to travel the world. During my travels, I interviewed over 3000 people on how they found their life partner, and what they did to stay married.

I read every article on the internet. Then I applied them to my own life. It took 10 long, lonely years, filled with many nights spent crying alone in my bed because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

The research matched everything I’d already studied at NYU, about psychology and human behaviour. The data showed, again and again, in 70-year longitudinal studies, there is a formula to finding someone you can connect with. Then, marriage becomes the logical next step when two people find synergy based on a shared set of values and dreams.

Plus, I was receiving a lot of questions from my international careers students on the “next step”.

Moving to Paris

After completing my bike trip, I returned to Europe, and settled in Paris.

Here, in the city of Love, I work with smart women professionals based around the world, through my six-month group coaching program.

I help you meet a Husband Material Man within 10 weeks, and achieve commitment within 6 months or fewer.

If it was possible for me, it’s possible for you.

Malaika Neri Professional Matchmaker -

On a Mission to Help Global Professionals Find Love.

I applied the same principles of human behaviour and psychology, coupled with 10+ years of firsthand dating experience and the study of interpersonal relationships to create and launch

Video Training by Malaika - Advanced Relationship Skills


Respect comes first.

As my father always said:

“Pick someone who treats you with respect.”

It applies to both men and women, and is the foundation behind any and all my matches.

Based on the principles of Human Psychology.

My work as a dating and relationships expert comes from a logical, rational approach based on the principles of human behaviour and psychology, which I studied at New York University in New York City.

Finding your soulmate requires investing in learning open communication, working on myself, and working with a professional coach who helped me grow professionally and personally.

Marriage should be FUN.

Happy to meet you, let’s chat and explore if or how I might be able to help you find your person.

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