An Indian Matchmaker from Mumbai, based in Paris.

Hi there!

My name is Malaika.

I’m an Indian Matchmaker based in Paris, working with ambitious professionals all over Europe.

Indian Matchmaker in Paris - Malaika Neri - Advanced Relationship Skills

A database of ambitious professionals just like you.

I work with a database of around 5000 people, most of whom who are born and raised in India, now based in Europe after finishing an MBA. They are lovely, kind, intelligent people who logical, rational thinkers, working for companies across Europe as project managers, engineers, and consultants, and looking for a partner who is intelligent, independent, and can think for themself.

Born and raised in India, educated in the U.S., in love with the world.

I was born in a small town in south India – like my mother, and paternal grandfather before me – and grew up in the island city of Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay. Back then, India was a different country, and talking about ‘love’ was reserved for Bollywood.

My beliefs in a true connection between two people were reserved for my private notebooks.


As a teenager, I moved to the U.S. and studied human behaviour and psychology at New York University. Though my days were filled with brilliant professors and cutting-edge research, I felt lost in an ocean of pimply adolescents who talked about “hitting bases” and “tapping that”. What the what?!

After university, I worked in Latin America, where many girls have their first child at age 11. Mind boggled. It all left me wondering what “love” actually meant. I started studying in earnest, reading books about relationships, interviewing married couples and 100s of single men and women.

The research matched everything I’d already studied at NYU, about psychology and human behaviour. The data showed, again and again, in 70-year longitudinal studies, there is a formula to finding someone you can connect with. Then, marriage becomes the logical next step when two people find synergy based on a shared set of values and dreams.

Respect comes first.

As my father always said:

“Pick someone who treats you with respect.”

It applies to both men and women, and is the foundation behind any and all my matches.

Based on the principles of Human Psychology.

My work as a matchmaker comes from a logical, rational approach based on the principles of human behaviour and psychology, which I studied at New York University in New York City.


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Marriage should be FUN.

I’m a matchmaker based in Paris. Before this, I was a career coach, helping people from 164 countries find jobs at prestigious international organisations. I helped them get well-paid, highly-prestigious jobs, but when they got them, something was missing. This something was a great relationship. Plus, I love love (see above). My clients were doing well in the careers, and now they were ready to settle down with someone serious. Responding to this demand, I applied the same principles of human behaviour and psychology, coupled with years of experience and the study of interpersonal relationships to my work as a matchmaker for the Indian community in Europe.


Camping in the desert of Mexico - Advanced Relationship Skills

Passionate about travel.

Recently, I finished a 24,000km bike ride form Alaska to Argentina, which catalysed my mission to help people find a lasting connection, as every single person I met wanted to “find someone”, even more than they wanted to travel the world.


Can I introduce you?

Happy to meet you, let me know if you’d like to set up some introductions. If you are already happily married, perhaps you’d like to make a new friend?