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3 Tips from NYTimes Bestselling Author Garance Doré to Master Dating and Find Love

Last November, she invited a coven of like-minded women who read her online newsletter to congregate in the beautiful spaces of “The Apartment”, an actual apartment from the French lifestyle brand Merci Paris. We gathered to eat small plates of crackers with fig butter, meet fellow readers of her beautifully-written newsletter, and chat about love and life.

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4 Essential Elements Missing in Jitesh's Search for Love
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4 Essential Elements You MUST include in your bio

Lots of happy couples have met via the Classifieds Section.  It is a proven strategy. But Jitesh’s message received responses primarily from other single men.

His introduction and bio are missing 4 Essential Elements you MUST include in your bio. These are the primarily variables women use to evaluate your potential as a partner, before they’ve even met you.

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