4 Essential Elements Missing in Jitesh's Search for Love
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4 Essential Elements You MUST include in your bio

17 February 2021

Recently, I spotted someone girlfriend-hunting in a Facebook group…

Shortly after waking up, and once I remembered which day of the week it was, I was scrolling mindlessly on my phone when a post jumped out at me.

A bright young engineer, let’s call him Jitesh, living and working here in Paris, searching for love.

He had written about his dream woman and ideal relationship, but lacked the 4 Essential Elements You MUST include in your bio.

This was not the first time I’d seen someone looking for companionship on Facebook.

Many people look for love in Facebook groups.

A few weeks ago, in another forum on the other side of the Atlantic, I spotted a similar post. A PhD student from Delhi (let’s call her Apurva, currently studying at my alma mater, looking for companionship.

Apurva is pretty, smart, and had degrees from premier U.S. universities. Her background is in public health. But Apurva is 30, single, and tired of playing games.

Like Jitesh, her search for love led her to reach out online. She posted in a group of nearly 20,000 people – for someone to spend time with.

As I read Apurva’s post, I thought, girl, I totally get it.

How do you actually meet people these days?

After all, the pandemic has most of the world sitting at home, bored of Netflix but left without other options.

Before, we could spend every weekend in a different city, discover all of Schengen and beyond. Now, there’s Netflix, and staring at your walls. It creates a lot of anxiety.

Sometimes, I text friends to come over for lunch, before curfew hits. But unless they’re unemployed, everyone says they are busy, busy, busy. Family, always a phonecall away, all live outside France. Who do you actually hang out with?

We all want to connect with someone.

It makes sense to try every possibility in the hopes of finding someone you can connect with

… and that’s exactly what Jitesh was trying to do.

Here’s what he shared:

About myself: I am an Engineer working in France.

I am single & straight. My friends described me as Professional & Mature man, Good sense of humor, Honest, Respect woman, Loyal, Trustworthy, Romantic. I don’t drink and smoke.

Looking for:

I am looking for a person who can be my friend and Life partner based on Love, Trust, Loyalty which lead to Valuable, Stable, Perfect relationship & Family. Eagerly waiting for a Woman having good Heart with kindness, seeking decent, simple, single, genuine person to have serious and valuable relationship in order to spend whole life with one partner.

Let’s have Coffee & try to know each other to build strong and lovely relationship with bonding of Soul to Soul connection.

Here is a man who wants to connect with someone. Meet for coffee. Get to know each other, go on a few dates. If the connection is good, and she’s okay with it, perhaps they can begin a long-term relationship. But first, dating, which means simply understanding each other.

That was the goal of Jitesh’s message: to find someone he can connect with.

Many men would call his message ‘brave’. I call it ‘ineffective.’

Why? Because his message lacks the fundamental information women want to know.

Before a woman can date you, she needs certain facts about you. And without those facts, she will completely ignore your message or Tinder bio.

The classic Classifieds approach to companionship.

Both posts got likes, and comment after congratulatory comment for their bravery.

But none of them wanted to date Jitesh. None of them have proposed meeting this evening on Zoom, or Saturday for coffee and walk.

Lots of happy couples have met via the Classifieds Section.  It is a proven strategy. But Jitesh’s message received responses primarily from other single men. His message lacked the 4 Essential Elements You MUST include in your bio.

Your Bio MUST include the 4 Essential Elements to Succeed

His introduction and bio are missing 4 Essential Elements you MUST include in your bio. These are the primarily variables women use to evaluate your potential as a partner, before they’ve even met you.

Based on these variables, they’ll decide whether to meet you for coffee and a walk… or send your message to spam.

I’ve put together a detailed PDF guide to including the 4 Essential Elements to Succeed with your Bio.

You can download it for free right here.


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