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Use the “Relationship Bill of Rights” to have a Happy Marriage.

The “Relationship Bill of Rights” sounds like something out of a legal drama on HBO. This story, however, begins with my friend Alexandra, who wanted a traditional happily-ever-after. Alexandra had been dating Stephan, a globe-trotting entrepreneur who lived between Europe and the United States. On paper, it seemed like a perfect match. A few months […]

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Choosing a Long-Term Partner

Zig Zag Technique to Finding a Partner

These phrases (“a guy who’s well-settled”, “a woman who’s passionate”) dominate the discourse of the dating world. As a Professional Matchmaker, I hear these phrases so many times, I’ve almost come to expect it. It’s “normal” in the marriage market, but here’s the problem: When you’re the same as everyone else, you might as well not exist.

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