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5 Questions to Ask Before hiring a Professional Matchmaker

8 July 2024

Maybe you’ve considered hiring a Professional Matchmaker to help you find a partner.

You’ve explored different avenues, and you’re feeling a bit discouraged. Dating apps, friends’ setups, social events – they all have their ups and downs. It’s tough when nothing seems to click despite putting yourself out there.

You may benefit from hiring a Professional Matchmaker

Financially-independent Indian women like us want a partner who shares our traditional values, but also has a modern Western mindset. It’s difficult to find this kind of person on dating apps, much less in person.

Plus, you don’t have a lot of free time. The precious free time that you do have, you don’t want to waste on the wrong profiles.

Still, you might be hesitant, and wondering if matchmaking is the right approach for you.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before hiring a professional matchmaker:

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1.”Am I willing to make the time to find someone on my own?”

Juggling a sparkling career while trying to find that special someone can feel like a never-ending challenge. So, let’s review the real numbers behind your options for meeting someone on your own:

  • At work: 40-100 hours per week at meetings, meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), conferences, impromptu drinks, researching their background, avoiding being discovered, meeting outside work, coordinating schedules, and avoiding them if it doesn’t work out. Total time = 400 hours per month.
  • Dating/matrimonial apps: 20-30 hours per week, every single week, on swiping and reviewing profiles, messaging matches, coordinating dates, meeting in person, following up after the dates, assessing compatibility, and recovering from getting ghosted. Total  = 120 hours per month.
  • Organically (via live in-person events): 5-15 hours per week, every week (sometimes more) + commuting. Total = 60 hours per month.
  • Friends & Family network: 5-15 hours per week requesting introductions, vetting matches, meeting on videochat, asessing social media profiles, and recovering from bad dates. Total time = 60 hours per month.

Vs. Matchmaking: 5-15 minutes per week to review matches from your matchmaker, 60 min per month to meet your matches. Total = 2 hours per month.

Dating apps waste a lot of time compared to hiring a Professional Matchmaker

2.. “Am I patient?”

Playing the dating apps is like investing the stock market. You need A LOT of patience and a solid long-term strategy.


The stock market gives you an average return of 9%, with 1 hour per month.

Dating apps, however, have an average success rate of 0.00014%, and require 20-30 hours per week.

Most of us don’t have the patience required to beat that.


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​3. Do I know how and where to find serious & stable men? 

You’re spending 8-10 hours a day on your career. Then, you spend 1-2 hours on gym/yoga/meditation, or maybe just relaxing. The rest of your time goes to meals, friends, hobbies, and social media. There goes the day!

Whereas matchmakers spend 24/7 looking for high-quality matches.


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​4. “Am I willing to lose at the dating game?”

Most women have a “start and stop” approach to dating. They’ll talk to a few guys, get burnt out, stop for a few months, delete all the apps Months pass. You lose momentum. You’re always starting from zero.

A professional matchmaker can ensure you go on a live, in-person date at least once a month.

Consistency = results.

where and how to find serious partners

​5. “Can I benefit from hiring an expert professional?”

Professional matchmakers are experts at human behaviour and psychology. They can guide you to serious options quickly and easily.

Now, about matchmaking. It’s natural to have reservations. You might wonder if it’s worth it or if it’ll just be another dead end. Here’s the thing: a good matchmaker can actually save you time and energy. They specialize in finding compatible matches based on deeper criteria than just swiping left or right.

Matchmakers often have access to a pool of potential partners who are also serious about finding a committed relationship. They can help filter out the noise and introduce you to people who share your values, lifestyle, and mindset.

They help you save time, energy, and money.

Sure, it’s an investment – both financially and emotionally. Think of it as outsourcing a part of your love life to someone who’s dedicated to making those connections meaningful.

At the end of the day, it’s about what feels right for you. So, if you’re open to it, why not give matchmaking a shot? It could be a refreshing change from the usual dating scene, and might lead you to someone truly special.

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