The Cost of Bad Dates vs. Investing in a Proven Soulmate System.

18 May 2023

I’m doing something different today to show you exactly how you can afford the Perfect Match Program.

AFFORD Perfect Match #1: Run the numbers using the Cost of Bad Dates calculator

A few years ago, British newspaper The Independent published a study on the cost of bad dates

“From the drinks and meals out to the new outfits and cinema trips, attempting to find the love of your life can leave a sizeable hole in your wallet,” says the article. “Then there are all the Friday and Saturday nights (and occasional Sunday mornings) you’ll never get back after spending them with someone who turned out not to be The One.”

They estimate that you’ll spend approximately £29 per person (per date with the wrong individual). That’s about €50, net present value.

Let’s assume that, on average, you have to filter through 100 mediocre options to get one GREAT option (more on your Success Rate in Perfect Match, and how to optimise for time).

If you’re like the average person who doesn’t know who and what they actually want, you’ll end up with 100 bad dates. At €50 each, that’s € 5000 on the wrong people, plus countless hours you’ll never get back.

Or you can invest in a proven, step-by-step method to start a relationship with the right person for you, leading to a net savings of € 4000 (without counting the hours and weeks you save no longer agonising about the “one who got away”).


AFFORD Perfect Match #2: Understand your other options to start a serious relationship.

If you don’t do Perfect Match, what are your other options? You should ALWAYS ask yourself this question, because the alternative is to simply say, “Hmm…I can’t afford it,” then shelve away the dream and wait until “some day”… which never comes.

  • Professional Matchmaking: $10,000 + (btw, not designed to help you identify what is right for you)
  • Dating/Matrimonial Sides: $30/month (0.00014% success rate. Lots of fake profiles. Hard to tell who’s serious).
  • Do it on your own: Sure, you could do it. To show you what’s involved, let me tell you how I started a serious relationship: Finding the right person for me cost me thousands of dollars in bad dinners, trips with guys I never want to see again, and painful rejection. I read thousands of websites, courses, and books, went on 150+  horrible dates over 15 years, and sifted through some very good advice and a lot of junk. How much would it be worth to save those years of sweat and tears? (Also, if “do it on your own” was viable… wouldn’t you have done it already?)

AFFORD Perfect Match #3: Re-frame “cost” vs. “investment”

Stop simply thinking about the cost. Think about the value — who can Perfect Match help you meet? What can it help you avoid?

There’s a reason top CEOs and athletes hire coaches and trainers. Couldn’t they read the same techniques in a book? Sure, but the know-how and accountability of a coach and expert professional are priceless. Literally, if even one idea helps them perform better, it’s worth every cent.

Start thinking of yourself that way — as someone who DESERVES to be invested in.

Like my student Harsh who met more smart, intelligent women in a few months than he’d met in the past FIVE YEARS. 

The difference is you’re not buying a sandwich or a nice sweater. You’re buying the knowledge to build the emotional foundation that can produce stability and security (mental AND financial) with someone with whom you can travel the worldfor years and years to come. There’s no price you can put on that.

If you have credit card debt or you’re financially unstable, do not join. But if you reflexively respond to any new opportunity with “I can’t afford it,” it’s time to radically rethink the way you approach investing in yourself and your soulmate relationship.

If you’re ready to explore how Perfect Match can help you start a relationship with the right person for you, I recommend starting here.

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