System #1: Be an attractive option

3 Systems to Find Your Perfect Match

25 May 2023

Time for a quick status check:

If you still believe that rubbish about meeting your soulmate tomorrow in the supermarket, please GTFO and close this tab right now.

We are not here to talk about Hollywood movies scripted by 22-year-old white boys from suburban America.

We are here to talk about MARRIAGE.

It’s a lifetime commitment, with no margin for error.

Great marriages, like great careers) are built on SYSTEMS.

Here are the 3 systems you need to find your Perfect Match:

  1. A system to be an attractive option.
  2. A system to meet the right people.
  3. A system to “test” which one is right for you.

If you build these three systems, you have a solid foundation to find your Perfect Match for a serious, long-term relationship. Everything you do after that will be built on top of these three systems.

System #1: Be an attractive option
Living in Paris, dressing in dark colours like the French (though I prefer bright colours!)
  1. System #1: Be an Attractive Option.

There are two essential ingredients to being an attractive option to your future Soulmate:

  • Location: where you live, where you spend your free time, where you go on holiday.
  • Timing: when you’re available, when you’re in a good mood, being 100% ready for a serious relationship.

These two work together to make it possible for you to meet the kinds of people you want to date. The right location and the right timing make you an attractive option for them. 


malaika hiking group france
Weekend trip to the Alps with my Paris Hiking Group

2. System #2: A consistent way to meet high-quality serious options. 

Top performers run their lives on SYSTEMS. 

Your soulmate is someone you choose from a short, tightly-curated list of high-quality options who match your preferences, criteria, and dealbreakers. Your job is to fill that list with options, using consistent, proven SYSTEM.

In my own case, living in Paris, I had 2 systems:

  • Hiking group attended by educated professionals. I knew 6 couples produced by this group. We met every single Sunday (52 opportunities per year).
  • Dating app meeting guys within 1km of my house, a middle class neighbourhood in Paris with minimum income of 3000 euro/ month. I’d been to 3 Tinder weddings, and knew it worked. I spent 30 mins per night on apps, and with good photos and the right strategy, set up at least 1 date per week. (52 opportunities per year).

This was “good enough” for me, dating at age 30 in Paris.

Your system must provide serious options who match your age and stage in life.

Hiking in Albania
Hiking in 45 Celsius heat in Albania

System #3: A way to “test” if your match is right for you.

Disclaimer: #3 is 100% based on YOUR criteria for YOUR soulmate.

My criteria: Someone adaptable, positive energy, enjoys the great outdoors.

My test: Staying positive on a 20km hike through in the forest.

Test #1: Hike in the forest in the Paris suburbs, budget = 10 euro (Easy).

Test #2: Hike in the Pyrenées mountains in the south of France. Budget = 100 – 500  euro (Challenging).

Test #3: Travel to a country, organise a hike in a foreign language, survive extreme heat + cultural confusion. Budget = 1000 – 2000 euro. For us, this was in Albania ! (Hardcore)

Your test must be easy to implement, quick to execute, directly relevant to your lifestyle (not your parents, not your friends, not your community).

Passing your test = signals to you that they are a keeper. 

Failing the test = red flag. You either re-test, or break up and move on.

Before your set up your first long-term relationship systems, I want to make sure you learn how to pick the right match for a long-term relationship, then grow it so you travel the world together, and enjoy deep, emotional intimacy and friendship.

I’m teaching you the step-by-step process on how to do this, so you can fasttrack your progress to meet the right profiles, test which one is your perfect match, and start a long-term relationship.

That’s why I’m going to give you some of my juiciest case studies and other information on creating your own happy, serious relationship.

Just join my exclusive Perfect Match waitlist for this information, along with your invitation to the course.

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