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An easy way to filter people passionate about health and fitness

29 September 2023
Recently, I discovered a shortcut to connecting with like-minded professionals…

Over the past year, I’ve been actively working on meeting new people and expanding my circle, through meetups, coworking spaces, friends of friends, etc. Hits and misses, many false starts.
Earlier this summer, I began doing yoga at a GORGEOUS yoga studio (the light! the calm! the vibe!) filled mainly with lovely ladies.

Most people just show up and leave right after the class. But when I’d meet people elsewhere, I’d  invite to my yoga studio for a trial class.

This was a quick and easy way to verify that they were:
Ready to meet up (the studio is offering a free trial class this month only)
Willing to try a new activity & location
Available – lived close enough to me & the studio that it would be easy enough to hang out
Into fitness!
Being active, having a good diet is a HUGE value of mine, so the yoga classes provided an easy, aligned filter.
I tried this a few times, and recently, one new friend joined for a trial class, then enrolled for an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP at the studio, and will come to classes based on my availability (so we can do them together). Win win win!
Doing yoga in India
Bonus points: handsome men come to the studio, too, all sinewy like 😉
Wanted to share my #win, and would love to hear:
How do you usually meet new people?
Would love to hear in the comments below.
P.S. Top photo of my beautiful yoga studio, via Le Pavillon de L’Arc. Photo of me doing urdvapadmasana this past summer in India (#iykyk)

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