Choosing a Long-Term Partner

Zig Zag Technique to Finding a Partner

These phrases (“a guy who’s well-settled”, “a woman who’s passionate”) dominate the discourse of the dating world. As a Professional Matchmaker, I hear these phrases so many times, I’ve almost come to expect it. It’s “normal” in the marriage market, but here’s the problem: When you’re the same as everyone else, you might as well not exist.

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Swedish Engineer Marries Indian Journalist -
Choosing a Long-Term Partner | Dating and Relationships

6-Month Engagement: How a Journalist from Mumbai found Love with an Engineer from Sweden

We both felt: “We don’t have to go on any more bad dates, we no longer have to search  constantly.” That was a very exciting feeling, knowing that we were at the cusp of this whole new phase in our lives. You feel a sense of having made it to the other side. All of the bad experiences and disappointment, the cynicism and baggage didn’t break you.”

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