Mandy Moore met her Husband Taylor Goldsmith on Instagram
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Mandy Moore became Mother of Two, Wife of Musician Taylor Goldsmith, and Even More Successful in Her Career, Thanks to Instagram

29 September 2022

Back in 2015, Mandy Moore (American singer/songwriter/actress) was 31, and had already been divorced from a guy she called “emotionally-abusive.” Still, she dreamed of children, family, and finding true love…

Divorced, Heartbroken, Reeling from Relationship Failure.

She was in the same position as many of my smart and ambitious readers:

  • Heartbroken and burnt out from giving marriage a try (and seeing it go awry)
  • Exhausted from TWO serious relationships that didn’t work out
  • Eager to start a family, and dreaming of the man who would be her children’s father.

Plus, she had a huge addiction to fame and success, which made her… famous and successful, but also left absolutely ZERO time to date.

Back then, dating apps for the rich and famous (like Raya) were only just getting started. And Mandy was surrrounded by ultra-wealthy overachievers like herself, all with egos the size of the Burj Khalifa, not interested in being with a woman who also had her own supersize career.

Now, she’s a Wife, Mother, and Even More Successful.

Fast-forward a few years later, and her life now looks very different:

A loving husband who is passionate about his career
A healthy baby boy (and one more on the way)
A career that thrived because she was in love (TWO SAG awards since meeting her husband!)

In her own words:

“I found the right person and I feel like we can handle anything together.”

And guess what? She met him thanks to Instagram 😉


Do celebs have it easier when it comes to finding love?

That’s what reader A.V. from Delhi wanted to know.
And it’s a valid question.

One might argue that Mandy Moore is a normal person in many ways, despite her wealth and fame. Her mom was a journalist (like my dad). Her father was a pilot. She grew up in a mid-size US city. Nothing fancy.

And because she was rich and successful, she couldn’t date an average Joe. She needed a smart and sophisticated partner who would be proud of his wife’s success, and eager to support her reaching even greater heights.

She found him, on Instagram.

In her story, *|FNAME|*, you’ll see how a smart and highly successful woman CAN indeed “have it all” when she commits to her dream, and opens up to the multiple possibilities of meeting the right person, even if it’s via a random social media app.

Read the full story (and 30 more) of smart, successful women who found their Husbands on Instagram.

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