She moved to Scotland for a Father of 3 whom she met on Instagram
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Single to Stepmom: Capucine Found Love and Family with a Man She Met on Instagram.

5 October 2022

Capucine met James, father of three, on Instagram. 16 months later, she moved to Scotland to live with him and his children.

Disappointment, Distrust, and Disbelief.

At 27 years old, Capucine had had enough experience to know that love meant being disappointed.

Better to protect her heart and avoid getting hurt, or so she thought. She had given up on dating, and was content to set aside her dreams of a future full of family for another lifetime. Little did she know, her life would soon change, with a man she met on Instagram.

One night, browsing on Instagram, she came across the profile of James, a father of three living in Glasgow, Scotland.

Single dad of 3 finds true love via Instagram 3

The First DM.

Capucine: I DMed him: “Do you live in Glasgow? I really like your photos”, Click, sent. Surprise ! He instantly replies: “I live in Glasgow and I really like your photos too. You are from Paris?”. I burst out laughing, between pleasure and nervousness. Some exchanges follow on the differences between France and the United Kingdom.

“As the days go by, our discussions become daily, nocturnal and diurnal. James makes me laugh despite the language barrier. My groping English sometimes gives rise to some funny situations where we do not understand each other, for several minutes. After three weeks, we exchanged our numbers.”

Capucine and James, who met on Instagram, begin to have long conversations on the phone: during the day, late at night, and sometimes, multiple times on the same day. They grow closer, learning more about each other, discovering far more than a mutual like of each other’s photos on Instagram.

From France to Scotland, In Love After They Met on Instagram.

Capucine: “Quickly, the fact of only seeing each other every month frustrates us. We want more than a long-distance relationship. One of us has to make a decision: move or stop everything. But the mere thought of imagining her in someone else’s arms makes me sick. I then decided to take a new step and leave for 15 days in the middle of August to see what his daily life is like, and (finally) meet his children.

“That’s when I realized that if one of us had to pack, it wouldn’t be him. I couldn’t ask a father to leave everything for me. I saw myself as a child, glued to my dad whom I love so much, and I wanted the same for his children. So I made the decision to move, just a year after we met, without really thinking. I knew it was the best thing for him, for them and for me.”

“I left my job in January 2017, then my apartment, my family, my friends, and left for Glasgow. James was there: he crossed the Channel one last time (in a van) to pick me up. It took us 17 hours to arrive in this new city. Seventeen hours of laughter, fears, lots of “what ifs…”. I was scared and surely so was he. But we allowed ourselves to live our lives.”

Situated on the River Clyde, Glasgow is an old port city, with shipbuilding being the main industry historically. Glasgow went through a significant period of industrial decline post-war before gradually improving in the 1980s. In recent years, Glasgow’s modern and progressive arts and music scene juxtaposed against its old-world architecture and heritage have seen the city grow into a vibrant and alluring place.

Single dad of 3 finds true love via Instagram 5

Building a Family, Falling in Love: A Modern Couple who Met on Instagram.

Capucine moved to a brand-new country for a man she met on Instagram, a place with its’ own  unique culture. She was used to the cuisine and culture of France; the Scottish love their haggis, black pudding, and anything deep-fried. Additionally, she had to get used to speaking in English full-time. Some words and sayings are unique to Scotland, and it can take a bit of time to understand what people are saying, particularly with the thick Glaswegian accent. Throughout the process, she was driven by her newfound love, and her belief in the ability of her relationship with James to last through the adjustment period.

Capucine: “I left with only my love for him, my kindness and my experience as a child of divorced parents.

“There is no “stepmother” besides: I am neither stepmother nor mother. I am Capucine, Dad’s girlfriend and I am building my relationship with these three children – Alfie, George, and Maisie – slowly, day by day. We learn to know each other, to accept each other and to love each other,” she said.

Capucine and James met on Instagram, and now live together in Scotland with the children Alfie, George, and Maisie.

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Capucine and James’ story was originally featured in Marie Claire France. Photos by Eliza Sazonova.

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