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Have a LOVEly Weekend.

12 February 2021

Stuck for what to do, while everyone else is canoodling with their couple?

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, aka one of my favourite days to celebrate lurve. But what if you’re single? How do you have a LOVEly weekend without a love[r] ?

St. Valentine never had a girlfriend (or boyfriend); he was part of the Roman Catholic Church, and spent his entire life celibate. When I was a little girl at Catholic school in Bombay, we were taught that he gave alms to the poor. Then again, so does every priest, ha!

Just like St. Valentine, you don’t have to be in a couple (or even dating anyone!) to celebrate all the many wonders of Love.

Here are a few fun links for a LOVEly weekend:

Banana Bread Valentines: A few years ago inspired by the movie Julia and Julia in which the famous chef Julia Child sends Valentine’s to her friends, I decided to make the most of the day by finding a small way to celebrate love. This year, I made a huge batch of chocolate banana bread (yes, it’s delicious!), and will be dropping it off at the doors of a few close friends, with a teabag of my favourite black tea, for a socially-distanced Valentine’s celebration.

Would you rent yourself for a date?

“It’s like a lightbulb went off.” When’s the last time you felt like that about your dating profile?

Lots of people blame the pandemic for their inability to meet new people: “Kris Herndon, a 49-year-old in Connecticut, USA, said she generally accepted being single but always imagined she might meet a future partner in the course of her daily activities. The possibility gave her comfort and hope, which has diminished during the pandemic.” This is a quick and easy way to make yourself a victim. But we want to ask: what has Kris Herndon been doing for the last thirty years ?!

Where do you like to buy sweaters? Recently, I discovered the Italian brand Cerrutti 1881. Well, it used to be Italian. Now, they’re owned by a Chinese conglomerate! However, they still make swoonworthy sweaters. The wool is like silk: super soft, and the weaving is almost transparent. They make great gifts, for Valentine’s Day or otherwise!

Fed up of looking for love, want to do something for yourself? How about some yoga? The newly-opened Studio Oh! is offering two FREE online yoga classes this Sunday: at 10am CET and 5pm CET. It’s a great opportunity to try a yoga classes from the comfort and safety of your own room. You don’t have to turn on your camera, but if you do, you’ll have a chance to be guided by a trained yoga teacher.




Top image by Flora Westbrook.

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