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Announcing the Great Hair Guide: 6 weeks to Hrithik Roshan Hair

22 January 2021

Moving to a new country is hard enough. Then your hair starts falling, looses its lustre, you get dandruff, your scalp is constantly itching.  The problem is embarrassing – you can’t possibly talk to anyone about it. They might think its contagious !

You know hair is super important, not just for your confidence, but for how other people perceive you. You’d like to have hair (and maybe more!) like Hrithik Roshan, but it feels impossible at the moment.

Hair is one of the first things people notice.

Seventy-three percent of women ages 18 to 24 said hair is one of the first things they notice, according to a survey of 1,033 young adults conducted by market research firm Kelton for the Unilever brand Axe Hair. Just over half of the women surveyed said it’s important to date a guy whose standards for hair are similar to their own. Okay, so you can’t be Hrithik Roshan, but you can be a decent option, right?

It’s the same situation for women: in a study conducted by a surveying company on behalf of Pantene, 78%of men surveyed indicated they considered it to be a turn-on if a woman has healthy hair.

Sure, we all know that life changes create stress, and stress can impact your hair. But surely the problem shouldn’t be this bad?

You might be dealing with severe hair loss (not just a few extra strands falling off in your hairbrush), along with itchy scalp and greasy hair.

Home remedies just don’t work.

Friends and family back home might recommend home remedies like hair packs, oil messages, food supplements like iron tablets, vitamins, and so on.

“Try this juice,” they say.

“Are you eating enough fruits?” they ask. As if eating more mandarin oranges is going to make your hair suddenly sprout up like a tropical forest.

Meanwhile, your hair still looks terrible and your confidence has gone into the toilet, along with the ten thousand strands that fell off your stressed-out head this morning after breakfast.

Great Hair Guide - Advanced Relationship Skills

I was in the same position, just a few months ago. Many nights, I was unable to sleep because my head was so itchy, and it would drive me crazy. Buying anti-dandruff shampoo seemed to worsen the problem. Day by day, my hair looked less like I actually took care of it, and more like I had last washed it in 2009.

I tried washing my hair with egg whites (messy), not washing my hair at all (gross), and wearing ponytails all the time (painful).

There had to be a better way!

Eventually, I got fed up, and wanted a guaranteed, long-term solution to hair I could feel good having on my head.

The light at the end of the tunnel…

After several weeks of research late at night, one evening ordering some items online, and one trip to the supermarket, I began this routine on 15 October, and started to see strong results from 15 November. By 1 December, the change in my hair was dramatic.

Now I have strong shiny hair that falls out very little and feels strong and healthy despite travelling, yoga, daily stress, etc.

The most important thing with this regime is to follow it every day and every week. The body loves a consistent routine; the more regular you are, the faster you will see your hair return to its soft, shiny, luscious state.

Once you’ve started this regime, write me an email at and let me know how its going. Do you see improvements? Does it work for you? I’d love to know.

To your beautiful hair, brought back to life.

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