How long is your Ideal Holiday? Here's my number.
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How Long is Your Ideal Holiday?

31 August 2022
The hardest thing about my relationship…

… was coordinating with my honey’s holiday schedule.
When I met my partner, he had NINE WEEKS off each year. It was hard to keep up with that much holiday, let alone plan them. We met in Europe, where lots of holiday is common – and expected.
Because I was self-employed, I could (theoretically) take off as much time as I wanted.
On the other hand, I love my job and I like working. How to balance both?
At first, I struggled, answering emails during breakfast and prepping profiles at night. This left me exhausted and not fully present – and defeated the purpose of going on holiday together. Or I’d disconnect fully for two weeks, only to feel that itch to get back to work surfacing when we still had several days left to go.
Deep down, I knew that longer holidays = more bonding time and more, deeper emotional connection. The problem was, it’s hard for my Year of the Horse-born self to do nothing but relax for a full month.
To combat this restlessness, I needed something to calm me – and the best answer is always a really good book.
“Buy the longest, biggest book you can find,” my honey said. “That way, it might last.”
We laughed, and went book-shopping.
My ideal holiday is still two weeks long, but I’m started to get used to the European way of taking a month off every August.
What about you –

How long is your ideal holiday?


Photo by Engin Akyurt.

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