$10k from Natalie’s tips (or, the Power of a Roadmap to Success).

16 September 2022

Earlier this year, I was struggling in my business and testing new ways to get clients.

My friend Natalie told me, “Use Instagram.”

“Um… okay,” I said. “I don’t even know how to really make it good.”

“Okay, let’s sit down, and I’ll show you,” she generously offered.

Lost, Confused, Defensive.

“Except, isn’t Instagram for losers? Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“1 billion users. You can’t go wrong.” replied Natalie.

Here’s my Instagram when Natalie and I met:

How Natalie's 4-Tip Roadmap Changed my Life (and how a Roadmap can change yours).

No Clear Plan of Action –> No clear Results.

Back then, my Instagram was mostly photos of food, my friends, some random scenery. No coordinated message, no central idea.

And for people trying to learn about my business, it can be confusing. I posted to Instagram from time to time, without any clear strategy, timeline, nor approach. And, naturally, I made zero per cent of my business revenue from Instagram.

Building a Roadmap for Success (with help from an Expert).

Natalie and I grabbed lunch, and she walked me through a plan for success with Instagram.

In my notebook, I furiously scribbled copious notes, ready to learn from Natalie, who spoke with confidence and authority. She had, after all, amassed 10k+ followers in under 3 years.

From Zero to Hero, One Step at a Time.

Natalie’s main message was: “Be consistent.”

So I focused on doing that, even if I wasn’t always sure what to post. I’d wake up every morning, and, while having breakfast, prepare a reel, a post, and a story.

At first, the response was mediocre. But within a month, friends and family in my personal network began to notice.

“I love all your content,” said my friend Mandy.

“Your stuff is so on-point,” said Jérémie.

From Instagram to Impact.

The best part: I was having FUN.

Posting on Instagram was often the silliest, funnest part of my day: a chance to be creative, and to let rip my personal opinions on how to find true love.
Curiously, people began commenting to my partner, too.

“It’s amazing, the impact you have on people’s lives,” he said to me one afternoon. “Sometimes I can’t even believe it, but I can see that your Instagram is actually impacting people.”

Here’s a shot of my Instagram after Natalie’s roadmap:

From Impact to Income… and Increased Respect.

Four weeks after implementing Natalie’s advice, the sales began to happen.

First, it was 997 euro.

Then 1997 euro.

Then a whopping five thousand euro.

The increased revenues enabled me to grow my business…. and grow my relationship. As my partner watched the time and energy I poured into Instagram, and saw the wonderful moments we could share together thanks to the revenue generated by a business built for love, his respect for me increased.

The Power of a Roadmap.

Natalie’s step-by-step guidance saved me years of time (and $$$) that for sure I would have missed without her.

She told me WHAT to do (stories, posts, reels).

She told me WHAT to expect (a trickle of followers, then a flood).

And she told me WHAT to forget about (# of likes).

This is the power of a Roadmap to Success.

You know WHAT to do, to find success in your goals. You know WHAT to expect at every stage of the process. And you know WHAT to forget about, so you can save your limited mental energy for the metrics that matter.

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