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3 Reasons Why Women Ignore Your Messages

23 February 2021

Last week, someone from Hyderabad started messaging me…

Like many lovely men, he would like to meet new people, and ideally, find a partner. Unfortunately, he is failing in this goal. His approach can explain why women ignore your messages.

His goal is to find someone with whom he can share an emotional connection. Emotional connection and frequency matching is very important not only for knowing a woman but in all aspects of life.

There are several hundred thousand single women looking for long-term partners (or even just a new friend), in Paris alone.

For example, in the city of Paris, there are nearly 500,000 single women. That’s over 50% of the adult population of the city.

These women are on Facebook (65% women), dating apps (25% women), and Instagram (70% women).

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There are, however, three ways to guarantee that you will fail to meet even one of them.

If you, like so many honest, well-intentioned men, commit the following three errors, 99% of single women will ignore you.

These are the Three Reasons Why Women Ignore Your Messages:

Reason #1 Why Women Ignore Your Messages: They Lack a Subject, Purpose, and Information about the Sender.

Women Hate Messages Saying Hi - Advanced Relationship Skills

This is extremely frustrating for women (and humans, in general). The message feels disrespectful because it lacks:

  • A subject (the topic of your message)
  • A purpose (why you are sending this message)
  • Information about the sender (who are you? What is your job? What did you study? Where are you from?)

“Hi” messages make the reader feel like you do not respect their time. Such messages are immediately deleted, and the sender ignored. Feeling disrespected is Reason #1 Why Women Ignore Your Messages.

Reason #2 Why Women Ignore Your Messages: It Addresses the Other Person Inappropriately.

Addressing women as dude - Advanced Relationship Skills

Sure, “Dude” is frequently used on the streets of Bombay, and among close friends. It is, however, inappropriate for use with someone you do not know.

When you use ‘Dude’ or a similar, overly familiar word to address a woman you hope to meet, she feels disrespected.

The other extreme: addressing a woman as “Ma’am”. This is too formal. It makes the other person feel uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable is Reason #2 Why Women Ignore Your Messages.

Her next step is to slot you as a “dead end” and ignore your message. You end up feeling ghosted, and ignored. It can create anxiety, making you feel like you’re getting nowhere. The best way to address a woman is simply using her first name.

Reason #3 Why Women Ignore Your Messages: You Hide Your Masculine Energy (Yáng).

Presuming you are looking for a long-term relationship, you don’t want to waste your time. You want to meet someone, get to know her, spend time together.

Don't have time - Advanced Relationship Skills

Maybe she’s ambitious. Maybe she’s career-oriented and busy. You don’t mind. But she should be straightforward. She should give you some positive thinking. She should encourage and support you.

All of this comes AFTER you are already in a stable relationship. When you are getting to know someone, men need to use their masculine energy. In Chinese philosophy, this is referred to as ‘yáng’.

Using your masculine energy means taking action, planning dates, initiating all communication.

At this stage, the woman’s job is to respond, and say yes.

You might be waiting for the women to take action. You might feel that you don’t have time to plan and initiate dates. This is unattractive to women. It makes them perceive you as boring. They will ignore you, and eventually ghost you. Feeling bored is Reason #3 Why Women Ignore Your Messages.

Suggested for You:

Being ignored leads the sender (usually, a straightforward, genuine, honest person) to think:

“She ignored my message = she is not single.”

“She ignored my message = she thinks I am ugly.”

“She ignored my message = she would never date me.”

These are incorrect conclusions to an incorrect analysis of the situation. The above three reasons women hate messages from Indian guys explain why both sides are left frustrated  by the wrong approach.

You might feel that understanding a girl is too difficult. That, while having a girlfriend is important, you simply cannot manage. You might feel like, no matter what you do, women hate messages from Indian guys.

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Top photo by Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels. 

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